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Sunday, March 6, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things & a give-a-way

When I was a child the night Sound of Music came on TV was a huge deal.  We would pop up the popcorn pour the coke and get in our pj's and snuggle in for the evening.  Remember when you had to wait for a special program or movie to come on TV.  There were no VHS, DVD's or Streaming Videos we had to anticipate the evening and plan.  We even had to watch commercials.  Special traditions were born.  Equally special was the TV showing of Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  I remember singing the songs for Sound of Music for days after we watched it.

My favorite things have change over the years as everyone's have.  Now my favorite things have to do with hiking, camping, kayaking and the most important to me kitchen gadgets. Here is my little disclaimer.  I am not being paid by the companies to review products I do not represent any of the companies.  I am just a girl who loves to be in the kitchen and these things work best for me.  Some of the products do have a link that you may click on to purchase the items. If it is an Amazon link I will make a small, really small amount of money for anything purchased.  If you want to use the link to buy things that's fine.  You may be able to find things at a better price on your own. Let's get started.
This cutting board is a nice size for a small kitchen like mine.  It is bamboo a renewable resource and made very well.  I have not been disappointed with any OXO product.  I have used several bamboo cutting boards and had to toss them out because they began to crack and split. This one has not given me that trouble. I have found for all wood in my kitchen mineral oil rubbed on once a month makes a huge difference  I only use wood cutting boards for fruit, veggies and bread making. I use plastic for all meat because I can toss plastic cutting boards into the dishwasher to help get every bit of the germs off! Okay here is an unsolicited tip: do not put any wood into the dishwasher.  The water, heat and dishwasher soap cause wood to dry out and split.  Also, don't put your knives into the dishwasher.  I am not sure what the science is but when I remove my knives they are dull and pitted. I assume this happens from the abrasive dishwasher soap.
This is an awesome tool for your kitchen.  I love it because it keeps oil sprayer cans out of our landfills.  It is wonderful for coating everything.  I use one for Olive Oil and one for Canola Oil.  If you don't have one yet you are truly missing out.  At about ten bucks it is a great value and it will save you money on the long run because you will not have to spend money on Pam cans anymore.
WeightWatchers Serving Spoons
Once upon a time I was on WW.  These spoons were worth the membership.  They come in two sizes 1 Cup and 1/2 cup.  They truly help with portion control have a long handle and can go from pot to table.  I have not seen anything like them in stores.  I think you have to join WW to purchase them.  eBay might be your only hope.  (or your friendly garage sail/thrift store)
Silicone Scrapers and Pastry Brush
I have both 100% silicone scrapers and ones from le creuset with wooden handles.  I prefer the all silicone ones I just feel that I can get them clean and the handles do not wear out.  A silicone pastry brush is a must have for your kitchen.  Much more sanitary and easier to clean than the bristle ones.
Sur La Table has a wonderful selection but you may be able to save money at Home Goods, Ross, Marshall's or TJMAX.  (These are great kitchen gadget places)
Bag Clips
These are a life saver.  So handy!  I purchased mine at World Market  not sure if you can get them online at their website.  It's more fun to go to the store anyway.
Immersion Blender with attachments
This by far is my most used tool in the kitchen.  The mini chopper saves my eyes from onions and the immersion blender is so helpful for soups.
Vintage Pyrex
This is way more than a favorite thing.  It is an obsession!  To say that I love these little gems would be the biggest understatement.  I began collecting Vintage Pyrex about 4 years ago after I learned that all of my grandmother's collection was lost because a storage bill was not paid. (I was not happy about this fact)  Not only do they provide nostalgia they also the quality cannot be outdone.  They have fun ugly patterns that make them a collectors dream.  I use my collection almost daily.  They are fun to shop for because the price varies from thrift stores antique shops and yard sales.  It is like a hunt!    
Right now I am on a hunt for this:
I really want the black ones!  They are highly collectible and expensive. Oh and also hard to find at my favorite thrift stores or yard sales.  I got the picture from eBay. The bid on them right now is $360. ACK!

This is a must for crusty French Bread. I also use an old cookie sheet in the bottom of my oven. I let it heat up while I am preheating the oven then put the loaves in the oven and pour water on the cookie sheet.  This makes the steam you need for crusty bread.
Yeast Spoon
This handy tool measures exactly the amount in a package of yeast.  This lets you buy yeast in the big bag at Cosco for 5 bucks and measure it precisely.  

Wouldn't you just love one for your kitchen?
Well here is your chance.  I am giving one of these beauties away to one lucky reader.  

Here's how to do it.

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Please post one comment on this post for each entry.  I will be using one of those web contest random winner picker things to decide the winner on March 31, 2011

Good Luck & Get your yum on!


  1. Girl...I'm all over this :-) I need a yeast spoon so badly! And you know I follow you! Thanks for sharing all this culinary goodness. I hope you sleep well tonight and wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the new day!

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