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"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure.

In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."

~ Julia Child

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cupcakes Gone Wild

That's really all I can say about my little cupcake adventure... The day started off normal enough, baking plans, trip to the market, then off to World Market to buy lavender to make Honey Lavender Cupcakes.  While I was there I found some silicone baking cups at an amazing price, $2.50 for 6. If you have ever looked at them they run about $9.99.  So if you want some World Market is the place to go. 

 Okay now back to this cupcake disaster. When I arived at my friends house her husband was not even willing to let the lavender cupcake idea into his house at all.  This was due to a fear of soap flavored cupcakes.  500 Cupcakes seemed like a good idea for a cookbook.  The Cherry Cheesecakes came out wonderful.  The problem with this cookbook is it calls for self rising flour. I refused to buy another flour.  I have so many different kinds of flour I could open a bakery.  I looked up a recipe to make my own self rising flour and set out on an adventure of making Cookies and Cream cupcakes.  Made the flour, then the recipe called for even more baking powder.  I think this is where it all went wrong.  That and from the moment the batter was finished it seemed off.  It had a texture more like cookie dough than cake batter.  Popped the cupcakes into the oven and waited.  What can I say, they erupted like a volcano all over the pan.  What a mess.  I have had things turn out ugly before but they still taste good. Yeah, NOT with this one.  They were not suitable for human, or animal consumption.  Gross is not a strong enough word for them. 

My Theory is it all had too much baking powder.  I will try them again and forgo the self rising flour all together and just use all purpose flour.  It could just be that this is a bad formula for cakes, I will give it another try and let you know how how it goes,

If you are a baker feel free to comment on what you think went wrong  This one had 2 tablespoons of baking powder for the self rising flour recipe, then an additional teaspoon of baking powder for the cake recipe. 

What did these wild cupcakes look like you ask?  Well here is a photo of what quite possibly  be the ugliest, grossest  cupcakes ever!  They put the "F" in fail!


  1. Wow. I think your hypothesis is correct, sounds like a real bad formula.

  2. Yeah and then I tried another one and it was okay... I am just thinking that oreo's and cake are not a good combo. Leave it to the ice cream!!! :)